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what is incurred expense

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And how does he reconcile that?” said I.

You will perceive, therefore, that we have here a politic sufficiency somewhat similar to proximate power. Meanwhile I may tell you that it appears to me that both the proximate power and this same sufficient grace may be safely doubted by anybody, provided he is not a Jacobin.

In fine, in this way we reconcile all those passages of Scripture which seem quite inconsistent with each other such as the following: Turn ye unto God”—Turn thou us, and we shall be turned”—Cast away iniquity from you”—It is God who taketh away iniquity from His people”—Bring forth works meet for repentance”—Lord, thou hast wrought all our works in us”—Make ye a new heart and a new spirit”—A new spirit will I give you, and a new heart will I create within you,” &c.

O sir!” I exclaimed, what potent words these must be! Doubtless they must possess some latent virtue to chase away the demon of usury which I know nothing of, for, in my poor judgement, I always thought that that vice consisted in recovering more money that what was lent.”


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