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Alex looked back at him. Well, so. And where does she live, then? Where are her people? Perhaps Lachlan could be taking her home.”

An hour or so later, annoyed but not in the least astonished, Kelpie wiped her greasy fingers on the dirty rags

An old woman stepped out of the low hut to empty a pail of water, and there was no mistaking the light and dark reds crossed with green on her plaidie. It was MacNab. Her husband, no doubt, would be out in the hills with the sheep or cattle. Fine, that. Women living alone in the hills were rather more likely to be sympathetic and motherly toward a forlorn wee lass than men. (On the other hand, women of the Kirk towns were like to be dourly suspicious and hating.)

Dhé! And was this the way most families were behaving toward one another? Kelpie found it baffling and achingly strange, and vaguely annoying; and on the whole she was glad enough to have been forgotten for the moment while she recovered her usual cool head.


And presently, under the ghost-light of the summer

That I will not!” retorted Kelpie firmly. For every house in Lochaber is a danger. I’ll be away east out of trouble.”

down and back and pressed her elbows to her sides for a look of brave apprehension, and then she changed her free, fawnlike walk for a most sober one.


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